The Reaction To Melania Trump’s Nude Pictures Just Shows How Hypocritical The RWNJs Are (VIDEO)

Michelle Obama has been a wonderful First Lady during these last eight years. She is smart, funny, and likeable. Last week, Melania Trump plagiarised a speech from Michelle at the Republican Convention.

Michelle Obama is a lawyer. Melania is a model. I’m not saying being a model is bad, but they are obviously very different. What I have a problem with are their lies. The Trumpers lied that Melania has a degree. She doesn’t.

Here is a ridiculous Republican cartoon comparing Melania to Michelle.

Now, Melania’s nude pictures are in the New York Post today. I have zero problems if a woman wants to pose nude. It’s her body; she can do anything she wants. On a side note, if I looked like that I would totally pose nude.

The Republicans being OK with her posting nude is totally hypocritical. The party of “family values” and decency are letting this go because they want the racist Buffalo Sauce Laden Drumpf to get into the White House and make America hate again.

If this was anyone else, the Republicans would’ve pounced on the Trumps a long time ago. Pat Robertson, the crazed televangelist himself, said that Trump will win in a landslide and Trump “inspires them all.”

What is this Kool-Aid they are drinking?

The lack of any major reaction shows how progressive we have gotten. Fortune reported:

“But social mores have grown less prim than in previous election cycles, when such photos might have elicited embarrassment or talk of ‘youthful indiscretions’ from the Trump campaign, and the reaction to the two covers has been muted.”

Who is the king hypocrite? Donald Trump.

He just said that he wants to crack down on Internet porn. It’s actually a good thing because he’s talking about stopping child pornography. The timing is just perfect.

This is what The Donald said about porn. He wants to:

“…uphold the rule of law by aggressively enforc[ing] existing federal laws to prevent the sexual exploitation of children online, including the federal obscenity laws, child pornography laws, sexual predation laws and the sex trafficking laws.”

This is by far not the scariest thing in his campaign, but the lack of reaction from Republicans to these pictures just goes to show how inconsistent and hypocritical they are.

Here are the ladies from The View reacting to it:

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