Donation From A Future Firefighter Shows Us What Life Is All About (VIDEO)

An 11-year-old boy, Hector Montoya, from DeSoto, Texas has spent the last three years accumulating smoke detectors for donation. At 8-years-old, he took the money that his family gave him to buy a PlayStation 4 and used it to buy smoke detectors to donate to people who needed them.

He was moved by a news story of a woman who was killed in a fire along with one of her twin daughters.

The Desoto Fire Rescue Chief, Jerry Duffield, said:

“I remember that fire and how tragic that situation was. I could understand someone being inspired by that story. But at eight years old, it’s amazing.”

When Duffield was talking about where the smoke detectors are going, he said:

“We have a very active, local senior citizens center, and we’re going to make the community aware of the donation through the center. Our goal is to put them in the homes of seniors who have economic hardship, who have a need.”

Montoya found the twin daughter who survived and gave her presents on her seventh birthday. His grandmother, Sondra Banks, said that Hector brought the girl presents and a princess crown.

In the three years since he started this project, he has donated 6,425 smoke detectors to cities all over northern Texas.

Banks also said that Hector gets his generosity from his mother:

“It’s because of his mother. She used to be a teacher, but now she home-schools Hector. When she taught second grade, she would buy Christmas presents for each one of her students, depending on what the parents said they needed. He has her generosity.”

He is still working on collecting fire detectors for more people. He hopes to reach 8,000 smoke detectors donated by the end of the year. He plans to keep going well past the 10,000 mark. He firmly believes that no one should lose their life in a fire because of not having a smoke detector.

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