This Drug-Fueled Artist Has Given Us Some Incredible Images Of Donald Trump

Chances are pretty good you’ve never heard of Bryan Lewis Saunders. He is described as a “performance artist, videographer, and performance poet known for his disturbing spoken word rants, tragic art performances, and Stand-up tragedy.”

And even that doesn’t do justice to the images that flow from this guy’s mind and wind up floating around in the world for us to consume.

Saunders calls himself a self-portrait artist and has vowed he will draw a rendering of his own image each and every single day for his entire life. So far he’s been true to his word: He draws anywhere from one to nine self-portraits a day and has accumulated over 10,000 of them in 21 years time.

Oh, one other thing about Bryan Lewis Saunders: He likes to use a lot of mind-altering substances. For his extremely popular series, entitled “Under the Influence,” the artist says he ingested or inhaled 18 different mind-altering drugs in 11 days and drew himself on each one. Check out his website if you want to see just how drugs can affect the mind of an incredible talented person such as Saunders.

Now, however, Saunders has turned his attention to Donald Trump and the 2016 race for the White House. Here’s his take on the Orange Menace:

Trump As Putin’s Favorite Toy:


Trump As Baby Huey:


Trump Pump



Trumpty Dumpty



Featured Image Via Bryan Lewis Saunders