WATCH: Well Below Average: Trump’s Hands Land Him In Bottom 15 Percent

Marco Rubio was not just whistling Dixie when he pointed out there was something different about Trump’s hands.

It is official, Donald Trump’s hands are remarkably small. Statistics say that 85 percent of men have larger hands than he does and one-third of all women do too. An average American man has a hand measuring 7.61 inches from base to the tip of the middle finger. Trump’s is 7.25 inches. At 6’2 Trump is taller than the average American man, making his petite hands appear even smaller.

So what are the implications of the boisterous Republican candidate having very small hands?

On the plus side, Trump’s micro-digits would allow him to eat the last of a tube of Pringles. He can probably thread a needle quite easily and I’m sure he could be quite the child hand model. Small hands also have the advantage of speedy texting.

However, the downside of tiny fingers seem to outweigh the up. People will constantly scrutinize your petite hands and ask the question “Do the size of your hands relate to the size of your undercarriage?” Forget about playing the piano. Many other activities such as bowling, pitching and even shaking hands may become a problem for those with extremely small hands.

What does Palmistry (the art of predicting one’s future by examining the lines and other features of their hand) say about people with very small hands?

Palmistry says that very small hands can mean a flawed character:

“Very Small Hand: Persons of this kind of hand are narrow minded and suspicious by nature. They quarrel for small gains. They give first priority for their selfish aims. They talk ill of others. They do not contribute anything for the society.”

When Rubio did make the remarks about his small hands, Trump was, unsurprisingly, quick to defend himself:

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Featured image via Think Progress