Clinton And Trump Square Off In Central Florida (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton visited Central Florida to speak to and inspire voters. Last week, Donald Trump also visited Central Florida.

In her speech in Kissimmee, Clinton spoke about providing real solutions for Florida. She showed that she not only understands the dangers of climate change, but she will also do something about it. Clinton’s plan to combat climate change actually starts in Florida by working to make Florida a leader in renewable energy. Florida has an incredible resource in it’s constant, year-round sunshine which has been very underutilized. Clinton would work to adapt the power grid to modern renewable energy so that all of America could benefit from clean, renewable energy coming from Florida.

Clinton also spoke about bringing all of America into the future by making high-speed internet accessible and affordable for everyone. She spoke about how 70% of teachers assign homework that requires children to use the internet, but that 5 million children do not have access to that resource. Access to high-speed internet would bring these children back up to speed. High-speed internet would also make life easier for people living in rural areas, and allow small businesses in those areas to be stronger with an online presence.

The common thread running through Clinton’s entire speech was creating jobs for the working class. She spoke about accomplishing this while also working to fix America’s infrastructure. Clinton’s plan is to fix potholes, repair crumbling roads and bridges, and to provide jobs for out of work Americans to do just that. Clinton also spoke about providing young people with the skills they will need to be competitive in the workplace. She would do this by bringing technical education into high schools, making community college free, and by making universities more affordable. She made the difference between her plan and Trump’s clear by saying:

“Would you rather have a president who says, ‘You’re fired,’ or, ‘You’re hired?'”

Meanwhile, in his speech in Daytona Beach, Trump had this to say:

“Hillary Clinton wants to make your taxes much higher. I’m cutting taxes, bigly.”

It’s clear to see which candidate offers more for Florida, and America as a whole.


Featured Image taken from YouTube video