What Will It Take For People To Stop Supporting Trump? (VIDEO)

With Trump’s recent comments that seem to insinuate “Second Amendment people” can stop Hillary Clinton, a reasonable person would likely finally start looking for other candidates to support. Granted, we’ve been saying that since last summer and it appears that reasonable people either a.) do not exist,  or b.) have been rounded up and sequestered into Trump University classes against their will.

Instead of devoting precious time and energy into telling Trump supporters they’re basically supporting the ushering in of the end times, the folks over at Reddit proposed an inquiry to all of its users who find Trump to be the most appealing candidate:

“Trump supporters of Reddit, what does Trump have to say or do to lose your support?”

The answers they received were… insightful, I guess.

“Coming after internet porn is getting pretty fucking close to finishing him off in my book.” — Bigbadbohm

“There’s a few things. The ‘I was only running to clinch it for Hillary’ is totally unlikely but would do it. Threatening a draft would do it. Saying anime isn’t real would do it. You know, the really unconscionable stuff.” — ThreeStarUniform

“Another redditor posted a list of 50 tweets from Trump denying climate change. That did it for me.” — thisishowiwrite

“‘I’ve spoken to Hillary, and she is definitely definitely going to stop TPP. And I know I said I was going to do that, because it’s such a terrible treaty.. But if Hillary is truly against it, and I believe she is, the I must be for it. So if elected, I will absolutely pass TPP.'” — jrf_1973

“He lost me with his VIP choice. I just can’t support someone who believes you can pray the gay away.” — stradivariousoxide

“He has had me because I have the thought of ‘Anyone but Hillary, and Johnson can’t win.’ After Trumps remarks on how wind energy sucks and Pence’s thoughts on  gay marriage, I’ve pretty much just said ‘fuck it, I can’t do this. As long as I vote for Johnson I can’t blame myself for when the country is driven down the shithole.” — falloutandzombies111

But it appears Trump is unstoppable. Regardless of what he says or does, his campaign will continue to stay afloat and he will waltz into November with a legitimate challenge to Hillary Clinton. As another Reddit user said:

“He could kick a baby at a rally and not lose a lot of support. I don’t mean toe tap. I mean full on punt.”

We all fear he may be right. Hell, Trump might even gain in the polls if it’s a liberal baby.

But I think the most telling aspect of these responses is that there exists a lot of support for third-party candidates. Even the denizens of the Internet’s experiment in anarchy find both candidates to be less than desirable. Some advocated for Gary Johnson. Others advocated for Jill Stein. Hell, one Redditor even threw a new name into the mix:

“Harambe 2016.” — SuiteSuiteBach

Sounds good to me.

Featured image by DonkeyHotey, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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