WATCH: Glenn Beck Won’t Reveal His Boston Bombing Sources, You Won’t Believe His Reasoning

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck has been in hot water lately for comments he made about Abdul Alharbi. Alharbi is a Saudi Arabian college student who was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Alharbi was burned in the bombing and stayed in the hospital for five days.

Glenn Beck
Image via YouTube screengrab.

During this time he was questioned and cleared by the Department of Homeland Security. Even after this, Beck continued to accuse Alharbi of funding the terrorist attack, calling him “the money man.”

Alharbi is suing Glenn Beck and Premiere Radio Networks for defamation after these comments. Beck claimed that he made the defamatory comments about Alharbi based on information from terrorism investigators from the Department of Homeland Security. Judge Patti Saris ordered Beck to reveal his sources, saying:

“The only way to verify or confirm what the confidential sources told the defendants would be to speak with the sources themselves.”

However, Beck’s lawyers are still fighting the ruling, arguing that the identities of the sources are protected by the First Amendment’s freedom of the press.

Beck does have a reason he won’t reveal his sources though. He thinks that he and his sources will be killed by the government.

After being ordered to reveal his sources, Beck claimed they could be killed, saying:

“Have we crossed a line where our government or our politicians or political institutions now feel comfortable enough to where they will kill you? Now, that sounds crazy. But are we not moving towards Russia?”

In an incredible video released on Wednesday, Beck claims that if you read “the papers,” and “the internet,” you’ll see that:

“Confidential sources are under attack.”

In this video, Beck also claims that as a best case scenario, revealing his sources will cost him his job and the government will put him in prison.

Leave it to Glenn Beck to create an elaborate conspiracy theory as an excuse for being caught in a lie.