CNN Host To Trump Surrogate: Excuse The Hell Out Of Us For Reporting The News (VIDEO)

The Trump for President campaign is now resorting to a strategy which proves conclusively that they know they’re going to lose and lose badly: They’re saying it’s all the media’s fault.

Evidence of my hypothesis can be found everywhere you look: Last night at a campaign rally in Connecticut, Trump threatened to pull the press passes of all the reporters covering him because they’re “disgusting” and “corrupt”:

And on CNN’s “State of the Union” earlier today, former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, who is now a surrogate and shill for the Orange Menace, was asked by host Jake Tapper if Trump’s comments bothered her since they are causing his poll numbers to sink:

“Doesn’t that bother you? You want him to win!”

Brewer, who resembles the Wicked Witch of the West, replied:

“I believe the American public wants him to win.”

Tapper then used every Republican’s worst nightmare, facts:

“Not according to the polls.”

As you might expect, Brewer responded with fantasy as an attempt to counter what Tapper had just said:

“Well, we have polls that are saying that he clearly is closing that gap now. The media tends to look at a few little statements that he might say off the cuff and blow them up. Let’s talk about the policies he puts out.

“We want to hear more about that. Rather than the press completely and continuously just beating down on certain little one-word sentences.”

OK, first of all, there are ZERO polls that show Trump is closing the gap with Clinton. That’s just a flat-out load of bull. And as for focusing on one-word sentences, gimme a break! Trump talks about using the Second Amendment to overturn the will of the voters and calls the President the founder of ISIS. Here’s one word for Jan Brewer: Temperament. The person who controls the American nuclear arsenal must have a steady and secure temperament. Trump clearly does not and never will.

Tapper shut down Brewer with one line:

“How dare we cover the comments he makes.”

Yeah, this douche named Trump wants to be President, but we aren’t supposed to report on what he says? Excuse the hell out of us for caring about the future of the country we live in.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab