WTF: Idaho Tries To Placate Pro-Choice Peeps With Misleading List Of Ultrasound Providers (VIDEO)

If you thought that Idaho providing a free ultrasound list for pregnant women was a gesture of compassion, think again.

The Idaho Health Department is required by law to annually publish a list of clinics that offer free ultrasounds to pregnant women. The list is voluntary for clinics, which must register to appear on the record, and may actually help women who are in need of an ultrasound.

However, ultrasounds for any pregnant women seeking an abortion are mandatory under Idaho law.

This is a tone-deaf move because the list, which includes 13 clinics from 6 out of the 7 regions in Idaho, is made up of crisis pregnancy centers.

These centers, known as CPCs, are not abortion clinics. They are not in business to help women seeking abortions. They aren’t even in business to counsel women looking for a safe abortion. The people staffed at these clinics don’t have medical backgrounds.

These are anti-abortion “clinics.”

These clinics tend to have religious affiliations. They also try to guilt women out of having abortions by using unsupported “scientific data.” Scientific data is in quotes because this data tends to run along these lines:

  • Abortion can lead to an increased risk of breast cancer.
  • Abortion can lead to increased risks of a number of factors in a subsequent pregnancy.
  • Abortions in the first term kill viable fetuses.

Rebuttals to each of these claims are linked above. That doesn’t matter to CPCs, however. It seems that their goal is just to reduce abortions in their area.

So what does this mean? It means that the rise in anti-abortion legislation, which is not described as such by pro-life advocates, isn’t going to stop. Why would they? They’re already far ahead in the race to make abortion nearly inaccessible in a number of states. They’ve even tried it at the federal level, although those efforts produced mixed results.

It is safe to say that the Supreme Court decision of Planned Parenthood v. Casey has severely impacted the ability for women to get abortions. This ultrasound list is just a way to placate some pro-choice advocates.

Nobody believes that the ultrasound list will solve anything. It just proves that anti-abortion advocates think it will placate their opponents.

It won’t work.

Watch John Oliver break down anti-abortion legislation here:


Featured Image: Pro-Abortion protesters holding signs protesting ultrasounds and other anti-abortion legislation via YouTube.