College Kid Goes NUTS During Dinner, Runs Outside To Kill Couple, Eat A Victim’s Face (TWEETS, VIDEO)

A bizarre crime committed by a 19-year-old Florida man has us saying, “What? Again!?”

florida man cannibal attack
Image via YouTube screengrab

Earlier this week, Florida State University student Austin Harrouff was eating with his family at a Duffy’s in Tequesta when he left the restaurant suddenly. He then walked to the home of a nearby couple, John Joseph Stevens and Michelle Karen Mishcon, and stabbed them to death.

A neighbor of the couple attempted to stop Harrouff, but he stabbed the neighbor as well. Their neighbor was not life-threateningly injured and was able to call 911. When officers arrived at the scene, Harrouff was incoherent, growling, and eating Stevens’ face.

The biggest question surrounding this horrific incident at the moment is, “Why?”

Martin County authorities say that Harrouff had no prior connection to his victims and that he seemingly chose them at random. According to his mother and the sheriff’s office, Harrouff didn’t have a criminal record or a history of drug use or mental illness. In the days before the murders, Harrouff’s mother reported that he had been acting strange and that he said he had superpowers. While being apprehended, he displayed abnormal strength.

This video tweeted by the Martin County Sheriff’s Department shows Harrouff calmly walking out of the Duffy’s before the attack:


This case is immediately reminiscent of the Miami case in which a man chewed off the face of a homeless man four years ago. The attacker, Rudy Eugene, was suspected to be high on bath salts at the time, but did not test positive for any drugs besides marijuana.

Like Harrouff, police observed Eugene growling and making animal noises, and reported that he seemed to have super-human strength.

Like Eugene, toxicology reports show no drugs in Harrouff’s system, although more tests are currently being conducted and bath salts or flakka still might be involved.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via Twitter