Trump Postpones Speech On Immigration Policy To ‘Correct’ His Stance (VIDEO)

We all know Donald Trump has a new campaign manager. No doubt this was a result of his low poll results following the convention. It appears that his trademark bigotry was not doing so well for him. For the last week Trump has made various statements about having non-specific regrets and suddenly not wanting to hurt anyone.

This is not the same rhetoric from Trump. He has been disrespectful toward women, Muslims and Mexicans for months on end.

It would appear someone has told Trump to quiet down with the offensive and bigoted statements.

A speech about immigration, which was scheduled for Thursday August 25, has now been postponed because they need to do some ‘fine-tuning’ of his stance on immigration.

It would seem Trump has made it perfectly clear where he stands. He wants to build a great big wall between the US and neighboring Mexico. Trump gave many reasons as to why he wants to build that wall, including that many Mexicans were criminals and rapists.

How could Trump possibly backtrack on statements like these? How on Earth could a new campaign spin change the meaning of everything that he has said up until now?

Trump not only said he would build a wall, he also said he was going to make Mexico pay for it.

Many networks are running news stories about how Trump is going to try to win over minority voters. Come on, I mean, why don’t they take up alchemy while they are at it?

In the past, Trump has changed his mind politically over and over. He has reportedly flip-flopped between being a Democrat and Republican five times.

A recent quote from Trump denies that he is now flip-flopping and said:

We want to come up with something fair.

‘Fair’ is not the Trump that has been ‘tough-talking’ for months and months during his campaign. In the past he has said he was going to put in place a deportation force to boot 11 million illegal immigrants out of America. First endless bigotry and now there is talk of being ‘fair’.

There is desperation in Trump’s late attempt at a turn around. Again, he does not really look inwardly for responsibility, instead he blames the media:

Surely minorities are wise enough to not buy into Trump trying to sugar-coat his previous stance.

How I would love to hear the meetings they are having right now!


Featured image via YouTube.