BREAKING: This Former Senator Is BACK In The Game And It May Win Dems The Senate

He’s baaaack.

Former U.S. Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, who left his position six years earlier, has returned. Bayh announced this week that he’s running for his old senate seat against the Republican nominee, Representative Todd Young.

To illustrate just how unusual this move is, only eight previous senators have returned to their posts either by appointment or election in the last 60 years.

Bayh is a two-time former governor, as well as a two-time former senator. This election cycle will be his third attempt at grabbing the senate seat.

Senator Coats is the current and retiring Republican senator, and the Democratic nominee, Baron Hill, withdrew his bid for the seat on Monday, August.22. Hill had been trailing his opponent Rep. Young by a substantial margin.

Respected, Well-Known And Cautious

Bayh is a well-known and well-respected Democrat. With Bayh picking up where Hill fell off, he’ll go into the November General election facing GOP Rep. Young.

Although, Bayh has just hopped into the race there are already predictions for a victory.

This is an important seat. It could very well be one of the firmly held Republican spots over turned to the Democrats. Which means more Liberals in the House.

Another Seat Seeker: Russ Feingold

One other former Democratic Senator is seeking his old job back this year – Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold. Whereas Bayh has come out of retirement to seek his spot, Feingold did not win his 2010 re-election bid, losing his seat in the senate.

If Feingold wins this time, he will be one of just three senators since 1956 to come back after a loss.

With Bayh back in this race, the question has been raised as to why he retired in the first place. It’s a good question, and it’s a good year to get back in the race if you’re a Democrat. Bayh comes from long line of politicians and watched his father Indian Senator Birch Bayh serve the Hill.

Senator_Birch_Bayh_addresses_a_group_of_studentsFormer U.S. Indiana Senator Evan Bayh
Image: Senator Birth Bayh By Senate Office Via Wikimedia Commons/CC-0

Bayh also has more ammunition in his arsenal, so to speak. With more than $9 million in his campaign account, and less than a four-month race to go. Either way, it will be a quick and dirty ending. Bayh will be left standing or he won’t.

The only thing in Bayh’s way is Rep. Young, a former Marine, Naval Academy grad, and holder of both an MBA and law degree. Young has also been elected to Congress three times, and has nearly $4 million in his campaign kitty. This is a worthy opponent.

Bayh has a real challenge going up against Todd Young.

He has several properties that Republicans will use to question his actual residence. Also, Bayh has been known for being an extremely cautious, if amiable legislator. Republicans though, could paint him as a flip-flopper.

Image: By 112 Congress Via Wikimedia Commons/CC-0

Of course, Republicans will inevitably link Bayh to Clinton, Obama, and Democratic control of the Senate if Liberals get their way.

The fact is, Republicans could be right. Democratic control of the Senate is a real possibility this year.

I for one, am hoping a Democratic majority is just months away.


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