Bannon: ‘I Don’t Want My Girls Going To School With Jews’ (VIDEO)

We’ve danced around the issue for long enough now and it is time to face up to something. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is a racist, a misogynist, a bigot and a liar.

It’s not about the things he’s said, shocking though they are. It’s not about the actions of his past, though they have quite rightly raised a few eyebrows.

It’s about who he surrounds himself with. There are few times in life when one is able to look at things in such Manichean hues but one thing is clear. These are not good people.

A Rogue’s Gallery

Trump is advised by Felix Satter a man who has worked for the Mafia. He is advised by Roger Ailes, a man who was recently forced out of Fox News over allegations of near-institutionalized levels of sexual harassment. He is advised by Sean Hannity an anchor man who claims not to be a journalist. Trump was even advised by Paul Manafort, a man who seemingly made a career out of furthering the ambitions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

His latest recruit is no different really, in fact, he’s actually a lot worse. When Trump made former head of the Breitbart network Steve Bannon his campaign CEO, many were concerned. Bannon’s apologetic stance on core issues of white supremacy are well-cataloged and were perhaps, more than an attempt by Trump to consolidate right wing nut job support. Indeed, Bannon’s ascendance might well signify a turning point in U.S. politics, a line drawn in the sand every bit as divisive as that of 1861.

Hitler Would Be Proud

It gets worse.

According to Mary Louise Piccard, Bannon’s ex-wife, his racism goes well beyond the apologetic stance he has taken in the past. In divorce pages released on Friday, Piccard claims that Bannon once commented on how he did not want:

“His girls going to school with Jews.”

The papers also revealed that in 1996, Bannon was charged with domestic violence after an altercation with Piccard. The charges were dropped when she didn’t show up in court.

It all points to seriously disturbing developments. The joke isn’t funny anymore, if in fact, it ever was. Neo Nazi sentiment now sits at the very heart of the Trump campaign.

And that means Fascism, is only a hair’s breadth from the White House.

Watch a caller discuss the non-existence of racism with Steve Bannon:

Featured image screengrab from YouTube video.

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