WATCH: Trump’s One Hispanic Adviser Warns God Will Judge America Harshly If Trump Not Elected

Last month, televangelist Jim Bakker of the Jim Bakker Show (and Jim and Tammy-Faye Bakker fame, remember them?) interviewed Pastor Ramiro Peña. They say God will forgive America. Bakker, and Pena spoke emphatically about the Supreme Court justices who will play a critical role in a future administration, if Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is elected.

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Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

Their Fears

They feared the new Supreme Court members would be, in Pena’s words: ‘pro-abortion’ and ‘pro-gay-marriage.’ Jim Bakker was fearful too that he would be ‘shut down.’

No you won’t Jim. It’s part of your constitutional right to practice and preach your religion. Even if we think your ideas are silly. If that weren’t true they would have shut you down your show while you were still with Tammy-Faye.

And Pastor Pena, we need choice. We need to allow women control over their own bodies. Period.

In Trump We Trust?

In fact, Pastor Ramiro Pena believes that Trump will elect justices that will be conservative. He believes this would be essential for the country. Based on that alone, Pena felt that electing Trump is the only way to vote.

Although, Pastor Ramiro Pena has been described as an ‘advisor’ to Donald Trump. There is little evidence he’s met with Trump frequently, if at all, or whether Trump is even listening (or knows who he is).

Bakker and Pena seem to be extremely concerned about the ‘abortion’ issue and the types of justices that will be elected. There could be between two and five Supreme Court justices chosen within this next presidential term.

These televangelist leaders are telling their listeners that God has given us a second chance here. If we vote Republican then we will be forgiven. God will forgive America. Why?

Vote for Trump and God Will Forgive Us

Because Donald Trump will choose Supreme Court justices that will have conservative views. The new justices will overturn laws and help create and enforce conservative values.

For example, abolishing abortion, the right to bear arms and keeping marriage between the opposing sexes. It’s interesting to note that not one of them talked about helping our nation to prosper.

There are still tens of millions of Americans who live in extremely difficult financial situations if not abject poverty. Of course, Bakker, Pena and company all looked well dressed and well fed surrounded by comfort and affluence.


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