Americans Are THRIVING Under President Obama’s Leadership (VIDEO/TWEETS)

A new Gallup survey says the majority of people polled think their lives have been better under President Barack Obama.


Over 55 percent of Americans say that they are “thriving” in their lives.

When polling different minority groups, they all said that their lives have been better under President Obama. In the survey, the possible answers were “thriving,” “struggling,” and “suffering.”


This means that more people think their lives have been improved under President Obama. Improvements to the economy are the likely reason for this uptick. Fewer Americans are worried about being able to afford food and healthcare.

Gallup wrote:

“In the nearly eight years since President Barack Obama took office in January 2009, the percentage of U.S. adults who evaluate their lives well enough to be considered “thriving” has improved by nearly four percentage points. The 55.4% who are thriving so far in 2016 is on pace to be the highest recorded in the nine years Gallup and Healthways have tracked it.”

No president can magically make every single problem go away, but these numbers show that people are happier now that the economy is improving. The economy has recovered and he has created many jobs, so that is likely to make more people happy with their lives.

From the Washington Post:

“In 2008, for instance, the country was in the midst of the Great Recession. An increase in the percentage of people calling themselves thriving since then is hardly surprising. Certainly, economic policies have been central to Obama’s administration, including the 2009 stimulus package and the $80 billion auto-industry bailout. “

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is using scare tactics to try to say that everything that has gone wrong in this country is or was caused by President Obama somehow. This apparently includes the president having founded ISIS. Of course, Trump added that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is the “co-founder.”

Trump pretty much uses these buzzwords and throws out Obama and Clinton’s names and the crowd just eats it up.

Check out this report on how Obama’s leadership is responsible for American’s feeling like their lives are “much better” than they were before his presidency:

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