WATCH: Rachel Maddow Exposes New Trump Hire’s Long History Of Professional Scumbaggery

In a pivot to end all pivots, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has just announced this week he’s hired one of the men who is credited with helping bring Super PACs into existence.

The man Trump hired is also the current president of conservative advocacy group known as Citizens United. Yes, Trump has hired the president of THE Citizens United.

This man is now Trump’s deputy campaign manager. His name is David Bossie.

Why Does This Matter?

Citizens United is, in essence, two separate but related things. First, it’s a Political Action Committee (PAC) in Washington, D.C., founded in 1988. It’s also a Supreme Court case.

This super PAC known as Citizens United is an independent (expenditure-only) committee. Super PACs in general can raise unlimited amounts of money from entities such as large corporations, organizations, or individuals. That’s exactly what Citizens United has done.

They’ve used this unlimited flow of money to help bank roll most of the national Democratic presidential smear campaigns over the last twenty years. This includes much of the lewd and hateful rhetoric spewn at Barack Obama and Bill Clinton during their runs for president.

What Trump Wants With Him

Let’s be crystal clear about what billionaire Donald Trump has just done for himself. He has hired David Bossie, a man who is an expert at funneling unlimited amounts of money from big business, individuals, and other groups, into political campaigns.

This comes after Trump once proudly proclaimed himself as the “self funded” candidate.

Prior to joining Trump as his deputy campaign manager, Bossie was running a pro-Trump super PAC called Make America Number 1. This super PAC is funded by just one backer. Hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer.

Trump’s third and current campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, is a longtime consultant to Mercer. Conway and Mercer had previously run a Mercer backed super PAC supporting Republican Texas Senator, Ted Cruz.

In addition, Trump’s Campaign Chief Executive Steven Bannon, came from the extreme right news website Breitbart. Mercer happens to be a significant funding partner for Breitbart.

Anyway that you look at it, we’re getting a close look at how Donald Trump loves to use other people’s money to further his interests. Whether those interests happen to be in the real estate or political arenas doesn’t seem to matter much.

Watch Rachel Maddow’s very detailed explanation of how this all went down here:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via MSNBC Video.

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