You Are What You Eat: Pot-Pigs Take Recreational Marijuana Use To A Whole New Level (VIDEO)

Marijuana takes pot-bellied pigs to a whole new level. In Washington state, it’s legal to use cannabis recreationally, which means feeding pot to pigs is not against the law.

Known as “Pot-pigs” these swine are being experimented on to determine the viable use of marijuana as a growth enhancement supplement.

Farming is big business. So pig farmers are always looking for ways to improve the feeding of their animals to make them grow bigger and faster, safely.

Image: Screenshot Via The National Marijuana News
Image: Screenshot Via The National Marijuana News

Makers of medical grade marijuana products always have parts of the plant they can not use in their manufacturing process. As an experiment, many small time pig farmers began taking the unused portions of marijuana plants from manufacturers.

So, the pig farmers took the unsuitable parts of the cannabis plant and mixed it in with the feed they gave their pigs, and stood back to watch what happened.

Many believe that the flavor of meat can be greatly enhanced with a specific diet fed to animals. This is why grass fed beef tastes better than feedlot-fed beef.

Growers of cannabis always have leftover stems, and trimmings from their plants. The farmers are hoping using the leftover parts will have the same fabled effect pot smokers get, called the munchies, on their pigs.

If it does, marijuana could become a natural growth supplement for all farming animals. The bottom line though is whether or not consumers will go for cannabis fed pork.

According to local butcher shops that have agreed to sell the meat from pot-pigs, they’re selling out. It goes beyond customers who are just wanting to get high on their pork chops. Many customers say the meat just tastes better.

In the end, marijuana offers pig farmers a way to grow their pigs faster without the use of antibiotics or added growth hormones. So why wouldn’t health conscious consumers want to try some pot-fed bacon or pork chop?

Check out this report of a local butcher who sells pot-fed pork:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via The National Marijuana News.

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