WATCH: Donald Trump Looks Sooooo Awkward Dancing At Black Church

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump did his best to win more African-American voters this weekend. He ended up just looking awkward during the service he attended and sounding stilted during a speech. Trump addressed members of the nondenominational church, Great Faith Ministries located in Detroit.

The church is led by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson who provided Trump with a list of questions in advance to help him prepare for his appearance.

Featured Image; Screenshot Via YouTube Video.
Featured Image; Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

Trump was accompanied by Omarosa Manigault one of the first contestants on Donald Trump’s reality show, The Apprentice. Manigault has an abrasive reputation, but looked perfectly comfortable singing along with the choir.

She is also the kind of individual Trump is trying to appeal to during his Great Faith Ministries visit.

Trump’s visit to the Detroit church was met with protesters.

Many of them were African-American pastors from other churches in the Detroit area. There were also protesters and pastors from churches in out-of-state areas as well

One protester, Rev. Lawrence Glass who is the senior pastor at El Bethel Church in Detroit had this to say,

He’s not talking to us. He’s just trying to get those swing voters. But we know who he is. Too little, too late.”

Trump was also accompanied by former GOP rival Ben Carson. Carson has now become one of Trump’s biggest supporters and frequent surrogates.

Part of the Detroit outreach agenda included a walking tour of the neighborhood. At one point, Trump’s brigade stopped at the childhood home of Ben Carson. Apparently, it was a nice photo op.

Felicia Reese, the current owner of Carson’s former childhood home had this to say about the Trump visit:

I met Mr. Trump and shook his hand. And he told me that the house looked nice and that the house was valuable.”

She responded with:

I said I wish it was and maybe he could come up with something associated with The Art of the Deal, so I could sell it for something.”

The Great Faith Ministries Church and Bishop Wayne T. Jackson even gave Trump a prayer shawl and Jewish Heritage Study Bible. Bishop Jackson read a passage of inspiration from it for Trump to ponder, stating:

When things go down… all things are possible.”

Good luck with that Don.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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