Trump Just Slipped: ADMITTED On Live TV That He Has NO PLAN To Defeat ISIS (VIDEO)

Every once in awhile, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump does tell the truth. In an interview with Matt Lauer, Trump actually admitted he has no plan to defeat ISIS.

This is in direct contradiction to his earlier claims. After telling us for weeks he has a secret plan to defeat ISIS quickly, he of course can’t tell us about it because… It’s a secret plan after all.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video
Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video

Lauer’s question asked:

So, is the plan you’ve been hiding this whole time asking someone else for their plan?”

Trump responded:

No. But when I do come up with a plan that I like, and that perhaps agrees with mine — or maybe doesn’t — I may love what the generals come back with…”

What? Trump has been telling us for weeks he has a secret plan to defeat ISIS.

In fact, in a podcast interview with the host of Right Wing Watch, we hear how Trump believes it would be easy to defeat this terrorist group.

In the interview Trump says:

There is a way of beating ISIS so easily, so quickly, so effectively… so simple it’s like the paper clip. Somebody came up with the idea of the paperclip and made a lot of money. People are saying ‘Wow that was so simple why didn’t I think of that it’s so simple?’

He went on to say:

You’d think someone from the administration would call me and say, Hey, can you tell me what it is?”

Trump ends off by saying:

We have leadership and they’re all a bunch of clowns.”

During an interview with CNN’s Carol Costello Trump supporter Bill Nojay, could not answer her repeated questions on exactly what Trump’s plan to defeat ISIS is.

Instead, Nojay kept referring to 2008 and the policies that may or may not have been a catalyst to ISIS development.

As well, he suggested that Trump would listen to the opinions of military commanders on the ground which we know to be false. Trump has said he knows more about ISIS than the generals.

In fact, Lauer actually gets tough with Trump in this part of his interview pressing him on that very issue.


Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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