Love Him Or Hate Him Trump And The Media NEED Each Other Like A Baby And His Binkie (VIDEO)

There are many people, Republicans included, who have observed the somewhat symbiotic nature between the media and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. There’s no doubt that Trump and the media have a combatively needy relationship. It makes for good headlines.

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In the aftermath of the first presidential campaign forum hosted by Matt Lauer, the American public has been shown a withering display of journalism. This year’s presidential race has exposed the lack of wherewithal the media has to fully hold Trump accountable on his crap.

Yet even the lack of follow up on Donald Trump’s behavior, utterances, and record, reflect bigger and even more important questions about American democracy.

For example, Matt Lauer has been in the media limelight for several decades. However, most of his experience amounts to interviewing celebrities on a morning talk show.

Many in the journalism world consider Lauer to be a ‘lightweight’ and general ‘TV personality’ who should not have been selected as moderator for the first serious presidential forum.

The other more troubling aspect speaks to the lack of real hard-hitting and relentless reporting that serious journalists are known for.

Donald Trump is easily the least qualified, openly boorish and ill mannered presidential candidate in our history. Yet, the press have been mostly reluctant to play hardball with him.

There are too many on-air journalists trying too hard to seem fair and impartial to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Even when Trump spews comments that are jaw dropping in their audacity, ineptitude and falsity.

Were it another candidate, the same words would unleash a torrent of hammering by the media. Not so much with the Trumpster.

Even when Megyn Kelly went toe to toe with Trump last year in the primary debates Trump came away mostly unscathed. Trump repeatedly stated he thought Kelly was “unprofessional.” 

He went on a major network and said about Megyn Kelly:

“had blood coming out of her eyes and out of her wherever.”

Suggesting Kelly must have been menstruating when Kelly had asked Trump about his derogatory comments about women and then went on to quote him.

Trump and the Media
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Unfortunately Kelly ruined the momentum and media power she had quickly accrued from that event. Several months later, she went to Trump Tower (Trump’s idea) to interview him. Her questions of Trump were mostly about his brother, his upbringing and his feelings. It was really nice.

Frankly though, the media is a reflection of the public. If the masses didn’t bite at the bait they were thrown reporters wouldn’t bother. Right? So, perhaps the media is just a cog in the wheel of the collective American consciousness?

Trump is ubiquitous these days because we want him to be, the media wants him to be, and Trump certainly wants to be.

The trouble is there is a real disparity in coverage in a variety of ways. The coverage the media gave of the handling of Hillary Clinton’s emails has been done to death. Yet, there are many other stories worthy of more air time.

For example, compare the Trump Foundation with the Clinton Foundation. The more you dig the more you find that the Clinton Foundation actually helps people in need. The Trump Foundation (as of this writing the Trump Foundation website is offline) is little more than a cover for gifting to political and business supporters of Trump and for Trump’s own self-dealing.

This type of comparison is important for the American public to see. Both foundations have been in existence for the same amount of time – 15 years. They are legal entities which need to file federal documentation. This gives us credible, unbiased evidence to contrast over an extended period of time.

What’s the media afraid of anyway? Are they worried that Hillary is not nearly as corrupt as they want (need) her to be? To me it looks like “Crooked” Hillary walks a much straighter line than many can imagine.

O’Reilly almost holds Trump to task in this video. In the last 3 minutes Trump starts to wine about how unfair the media is to him.

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