Bernie Sanders BLASTS Trump On His Showmanship – It’s All He Has (VIDEO)

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders says angst and pain of the American people are reasons why Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is doing so well this election year.

Bernie Sanders
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In a CNN interview Sanders says:

“I very rarely quote Mitt Romney… but I think Romney hit the nail on the head when he said Trump is a fraud and a phony.”

Sanders makes the point that Donald Trump does exactly as the media wants. He gives them (us) some crazy statement, we write it up along with some crazy picture and it repeats itself the next day.

The press is hungry for new, fresh stories or new angles on older stories. Anything that will trigger some emotional drama in people. In that sense, Sanders says Trump is a fantastic showman.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with being a showman. A U.S. presidential campaign is one of the biggest sales jobs any American could have.

However, it’s the degree of showmanship which this year’s presidential candidates have that seems to be doing both of them harm.

It’s a mystery to me why so many have such vitriol toward Hillary Clinton. What I see is a woman striving for the betterment of people everywhere (here and abroad) in one of the toughest industries on the planet. National American politics. She’s been there for nearly 30 years.

It’s even more of a mystery as to why Donald Trump has now regained momentum and is essentially even with Clinton throughout most of the states.

As far as showmen go, Trump is a good one, but that’s all he’s got.

Trump’s personality may be a great tool for reality TV and creating a real estate and licensing empire.

However, it’s the showman in Trump that will make him such a disaster should he be allowed to run rampant through the White House. In more than a year of listening and watching Trump campaign, it’s his extreme narcissism that has shone through.

The only way this can end is with Hillary Clinton winning by a landslide. It’s the only way to stop the disastrous show that is Donald Trump.

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