Girl Power: Michelle Obama Stumps For Hillary Clinton And KILLS It (VIDEO)

One of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s best surrogates is First Lady Michelle Obama. For those who voted for President Barack Obama she’s an even more important spokesperson. Especially for those who are less sure about Clinton than they were about Obama.

First Lady’s First Stump Speech Since DNC

Although Michelle Obama’s first campaign speech for Clinton came nearly two months after the Democratic National Convention, we’ll most certainly see more of her between now and November.

michelle obama
Image of Michelle Obama via Mike Baird at Flickr available under a CC Attribution license

The first lady spoke to a mostly student-filled audience at George Mason University in Virginia. Without actually mentioning Hillary’s opponent Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, she took jabs at him. She made sure the students knew that being president:

“isn’t anything like reality TV.”

She pointedly called out those who are continuing to question her husband’s birth place. Additionally, Michelle Obama repeated her oft used line:

”we go high when they go low.”

On top of being able to gracefully put Trump in his place, Michelle Obama is wildly popular with Democratic voters, notably young people and African-Americans.

Michelle’s Influence

She repeatedly declared the virtues of Hillary Clinton’s resume and character. She urged voters to be inspired and motivated for Hillary’s campaign as they were for President Obama’s history-making campaigns.

Hillary Clinton’s communications director and a former Obama adviser Jennifer Palmieri has called Michelle Obama:

“an advocate without peer. There is no other surrogate with the reach, credibility and respect she has.”

Another former spokeswoman for Michelle Obama, Olivia Alair Dalton, says this of her:

“Part of what makes her so appealing and effective as a surrogate is that she’s relentlessly positive, even when things on the campaign trail get negative.”

Perhaps because of necessity or opportunity, Michelle Obama has not had the kind of close knit working relationship the president has had with Clinton. President Obama and Hillary Clinton forged a strong advocacy with each other during her four years as his secretary of state.

Mrs. Obama does have a friendly relationship with Clinton, and as a woman, Michelle Obama can concede the difficulties Clinton has had to face in her career.

Girl Power

It’s true that the first lady’s support of Hillary Clinton is genuine.

However, there’s another underlying intention for Michelle Obama to support Clinton. Michelle Obama is vehement about keeping her husband’s legacy intact. She wants to be sure it will be there for future generations and that it stays truthful.

Mrs. Obama knows that Hillary Clinton will be protective of that legacy. For example, they’ve had serious discussions regarding the plans for President Obama’s library and other post-White House projects.

Frankly, there’s nothing more critical to preserving President Obama’s legacy than Hillary Clinton’s victory. Here’s to hoping the the torch is passed along into her hands.

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