INSPIRING Mom Gets ‘Justice’ For Her Gender Non-Conforming Child – Pens THIS Open Letter (VIDEO)

BuzzFeed reported that a mother in North Carolina wrote a beautiful, open letter on Facebook for her gender non-conforming child. Martie Todd Sirois took her son, Charlie, into a local “Justice” store. Ten-year-old Charlie has been wanting to shop there since he was four-years-old.

They market their clothing as “just for girls,” but they treated Charlie very well. Charlie doesn’t feel the need to gender himself, but he likes wearing girl’s clothing. On the subject, his mom said:

“There’s a whole different air of confidence and comfort. Why wouldn’t I want to encourage that?”

She added that she and her husband will “continue to support him, whether he ends up trans, agender, cisgender, or just stays gender-nonconforming.”

She also runs a blog about raising a child who is gender non-conforming.

She brought up the idea to take him to Justice in a support group. One of the mothers went with to ask the store manager about the trip, and the answer was that anyone is welcome to shop there. Another mother bought Charlie a gift card.

Here is an excerpt about it from Sirois letter to the store:

“After getting a feel for what colors, textures, and patterns he liked, Stephnie showed us several possibilities, from sequined mini skirts to slim jeggings. My son LOVED them all. We went to the changing room, and my son couldn’t get those clothes on fast enough. Once that first outfit was on, he posed and admired himself in the mirror, spun around in circles to see the skirt poof out, and studied himself from all angles in every possible combination of outfits. It was pure joy. My son dropped his frequent doom and gloom look and suddenly sprang to life in these clothes. There was no denying he became a different, more confident, and happier child when wearing pretty things.”

You can read the entire Facebook post here:

Watch this video for an explanation about gender identity terms for those of us (including me) who don’t know:

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