IRONY ALERT: Trump Threatens To Sue NYT For Quoting Him (TWEETS/VIDEO)

The Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump threatened to sue the New York Times via Twitter (surprise!) over the weekend. He attacked the Times and their long time and very popular columnist Maureen Dowd over a story they printed about him that he didn’t like.

Dowd has said Trump is “the ultimate huckster.”

Over the years, Dowd has interviewed Trump a number of times. Up until now, Dowd and Trump have had a congenial relationship of sorts. However, since Dowd suggested that Trump “likes the violence at his rallies,” he considers her a “neurotic dope.”

In an interview Dowd did with CNN while promoting her new book, The Year of Voting Dangerously,  she said:

I told him [Trump] that it was wrong that there was violence being incited at his rallies and that reporters were getting roughed up. And he paused — you’re right, he did listen — but then he disagreed and said he thought the violence added a frisson of excitement.”

A ‘frisson of excitement,’ or in other words, cheap drama, violence, hate, and ego. Is this what we want in a president?

On Saturday Sept. 18, the Times published a story saying Trump has relied heavily on tax breaks to build his New York real estate empire. The New York Times article estimated the total value of tax breaks given to Trump properties was at least $885 million.

Donald Trump’s insistence to not release his tax returns is probably the biggest potential threat to his candidacy.

We are seeing the resulting stress in his campaign as the press keeps pushing on this issue. His adult children are showing signs of strain as well.

Ivanka Trump walked out of an interview with Cosmo, and Donald Jr. made an offensive reference in terms of how the media is treating his father.

Normally, Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric have been totally on their game throughout this campaign season. Trump himself has started lashing out even more quickly and harder now, whenever he’s pressed on his tax returns.

Reports numbering in the thousands reveal Trump as a disreputable and dishonorable business person who has swindled thousands of business owners and hardworking individuals.

His tax filings are the most damning, damaging, and revealing evidence we could see regarding what type of man this is – the kind of man who is asking for our vote to lead our country.

Watch this interview with Maureen Dowd, the reporter who dared question Trump:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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