Unfortunately, Christians Are Still Obsessed About Which Bathrooms Transgender People Use (VIDEO)

Earlier this year, the internet was buzzing with news of North Carolina’s ridiculous HB-2 law. It requires transgendered people to use the bathroom the corresponds to the gender they were assigned at birth, not the gender they identify with now.

RWNJs used this to start a crusade against transgendered people. They were freaking out about how a transgender person might possibly be in the bathroom at the same time they are.

In Minnesota, the bigots are banding together and starting new anti-LGBTQ campaigns. Their latest campaign is called #AskMeFirst. This campaign features Christian “activists” calling for businesses, schools, and other public places to ask them before allowing transgender people to use the bathroom.

They released their first ad last week. It features two people: Emily and Jamie. They are discussing a school that didn’t “ask them first” before allowing transgender students to express their identities. They are critics of “gender confusion” as they call it.

In the video, they speak of a gender confused student. Emily said:

“This is a battle for our children’s innocence… It’s a battle that I think is worth fighting and I will continue it for other people’s children.”

The Minnesota Family Council sent out an email to the group last week. They said:

“Ask Me First provides women an opportunity to share their real life stories in the hope that other women and families nationwide will have courage to speak up for common sense safety and privacy policies – in public school restrooms, locker rooms, housing, government buildings, on sports teams, etc.”

“Their stories are also meant to send clear messages to school administrators and legislators that there are serious consequences for moms, daughters, students, athletes, sexual abuse survivors and businesswomen when men are allowed to access women’s private facilities!”

They treat it like it’s some kind of attack on them. Transgender people just want rights and acceptance. They act like they are being oppressed by the “activists” who just want to have a safe place to pee.

Here is the advertisement:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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