NRA’s Dramatic New Ad Targets Women: Hillary Will Steal Guns From Your Safe! (VIDEO)

The National Rifle Association is pouring millions of dollars into getting the Republican presidential candidate elected in the fall. So far, they have spent over $11 million in support of Donald J. Trump. They will do anything in their power to prevent a win by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Now they are dishing out another $5 million to spread of one the Cowardly Liar’s biggest lies.

This time the shameless profiteers of the gun industry are targeting women in swing states. As usual, both Trump and the NRA are hoping to scare the sh*t out of Americans as a way of grabbing votes.

The ad will be run in the key states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada, Virginia and Ohio, where the race is extremely tight and where very vote is vital.

The scare tactics are the same tired lies that the NRA and the Trumpsters have been trotting out forever. The first lie is that every one of us lives in imminent danger of being murdered in our beds.

In fact, the murder rate has been declining steadily since the 1990’s. It’s at its lowest point in half a century. Meanwhile, accidental gun deaths and gun suicides have increased.

The second lie is that Secretary Clinton wants to take away every gun. This is the same baseless garbage that the gun lobby has repeated over and over. Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment. Clinton and Obama want to prevent citizens from owning guns. None of this is true.

The NRA is so afraid of decreasing profits for the gun industry that they are willing to pay millions of dollars to lie to Americans. They want us to be terrified of each other. They want us to be ready to shoot each other at the slightest perceived threat.

The despicable ad that they are using this time shows a young woman asleep and alone. She hears breaking glass as an intruder comes in. She reaches for her gun safe even as she dials 911. The safe dissolves and she is left “defenseless.”

The ad says:

“Hillary Clinton would take away her right to self defense, and with Supreme Court justices, Hillary can. Don’t let Hillary leave you protected with nothing but a phone.”

This is just so despicable on every level. It’s a falsehood wrapped in a lie. It’s a shameless attempt to motivate through fear.

Just to make it even clearer that this entire campaign is one giant lie, let’s look at a few statistics.

There are approximately 100 burglary/murders in the U.S. every year. There are about 324,000,000 people here. So your odds of being killed by an invading stranger are 3,240,000:1.

There are about 18,000 gun suicides her per year.  Owning a gun is clearly far more dangerous than not owning one.

Maybe those facts are too dull for voters. Maybe the Republicans know that they can use abject terror for political gain.

Maybe that’s the very definition of terrorism.

Featured image via YouTube Screengrab.

Karen is a retired elementary school teacher with many years of progressive activism behind her. She is the proud mother of three young adults who were all arrested with Occupy Wall Street. To see what she writes about in her spare time, check out her blog at "Empty Nest, Full Life"