Clinton And Kaine Book ‘Stronger Together’ Attacked On Amazon (VIDEO)

Written by Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine, “Stronger Together” has been subject to a trolling campaign on its Amazon page, with the shopping site being inundated with angry one-star reviews. The book is basically a rehashing of legislation enacted and supported by the Clinton campaign. It relays stories by the American people, with the Democratic nominee using these opportunities to flesh out issues pertaining to the middle class, investments in clean energy and small businesses, defeating ISIS, and affordable college. Unfortunately, the anti-Hillary crowd has managed to skew the book’s rating.

But Are the Reviews Warranted?

The book was received by a relatively lukewarm crowd, with “Stronger Together” selling less than 3,000 copies in its first week. This is particularly frustrating since Clinton’s 2014 memoir, “Hard Choicessold more than 85,000 copies in its first week, with her 2003 memoir “Living History” outshining both of these books by selling more than 600,000 copies in its first week. Regardless of one’s political standing, it is safe to say that “Stronger Together” is a literary flop.

It is normal for presidential candidates to quickly write a book during their campaigns, with the ultimate goal being to spread the word of their campaign and the policies that they plan to enact during their presidency. It is an effort to humanize their presence in the polls, as well as to drum up publicity. It has been mentioned that the proceeds from the book will all go to charity and that the book is one piece of a comprehensive plan to communicate Clinton’s vision of America’s future.

But Have the Reviews on Amazon Been Altered?

Some Amazon users seem to have noticed that the number of reviews left on the book’s Amazon page has been fluctuating, with some independent online news outlets mentioning that some of the most critical reviews might have been removed by Amazon or some sort of algorithm that flags comments. As of September 25 2016, the book has 85 percent one-star reviews and 11 percent five-star reviews.

Regardless of the trolls – will you be purchasing “Stronger Together“?

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