Clinton Will SLAM Trump In The Debate – This Is Why (VIDEO)

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said he’s not doing the usual prep for the first debate against his opponent, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. For a very entertaining ‘debate dance off’ spoof video of Trump and Clinton see the video at the bottom.

However, it seems Trump’s campaign has developed a psychological profile on Clinton taken from 16 years of video debating other politicians. Of course, Clinton’s team didn’t have to work very hard building a psychological profile on the Donald. He’s been showing us who he is for many years.

As many psychologists have noticed, Trump has a tremendous lack, of what is known in the psychology world, as “observing ego.”

Anyone can have this affliction. It manifests as the inability to step out of your own body and notice how you interact with the world. It’s the inability to run internal commentary on your own thoughts, words and actions. Observing ego is a silent witness of sorts. It’s also known as being mindful, present, grounded, centered, and the like.

It’s this lack of observing ego that is so often seen in those who have lived lives of extreme wealth. It would be safe to say Trump is a text book case of lack of observing ego. It’s this inability for Trump to see himself from a distance that can (and will) allow Clinton to nail him against the wall in the debates.

The fact is, Trump has lived a lifetime with very little opposition to his own grandiose image of himself. When he describes himself as a brilliant mind, who is a really rich winner there is no one close to him that’ll say he’s full of it.

This can only play to Clinton’s advantage on the debate stage. Trump will be forced to speak at length on issues of policy, without the sound bites and screaming, hooting masses egging him on.

Instead, he will have an impartial moderator, a wicked smart and hyper experienced opponent and a mandatory silent audience. It’s interesting to note that Trump’s self-confessed strengths will be the exact qualities Clinton can use to get under his very thin skin.

As much as Trump wants us to believe he is a total winner, his loses started early. His demanding father shipped him off to a strict military school after he banished from a private academy. It left little Don with an aversion to ever admitting he’s made a mistake.

When he’s sitting in his ivory tower, it’s easy for Trump to tell us he’s a winner and a mega-billionaire. He can afford to give us this illusion. Especially, when he keeps his tax returns private.

Clinton can use this to her benefit of course. She can highlight the precedent set by every presidential candidate since 1972. Every single one of them has released their returns.

Clinton can also remind the crowd of Trump’s multiple corporate bankruptcies.

Here is a quick rundown of Trump’s companies that, according to Politifact, hit Chapter 11:

  • The Trump Taj Mahal in 1991
  • The Trump Castle in 1992
  • The Trump Plaza & Casino in 1992
  • The Plaza Hotel in 1992 (That was a good year!)
  • The Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts in 2004 (the same company again)
  • The Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2009 (This is Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts under a different name)

To me, this is an overwhelming amount of fertilizer for the sowing of political damage. I can’t wait to see the kind of damage Hillary Clinton will wreak during this first debate.

Watch the debate at Hofstra University in New York live via CNN:

Feature Image: Gage Skidmore Via Wikimedia Commons/CC-By-SA-2.0

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