LIVE FOOTAGE Shows Just How WHITE Trump Rallies Are (VIDEO)

America is a diverse country. She was discovered, built and created by immigrants from around the world. We’re lucky to have such diversity.

An all white rally should be a rare thing, but as this video retweeted by Dr. Kelly Sennholz shows… it’s not. Not for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump anyway. This is why it’s so disturbing there are so many white supporters at his rallies.

According to a U.S. government fact finding census conducted in 2015 our country’s demographics look like the this:

  • Total number of people: Almost 322 million.
  • Percentage who are white: 61.6 percent.
  • Percentage who are black: 13.3 percent.
  • Percentage who are Hispanic or Latino: 17.6 percent.
  • Percentage who are Asian: 5.6 percent.
  • Percentage who are of mixed race: 2.6 percent.
  • Percentage who are American Indian or Alaska Native: 1.2 percent.
  • Percentage who are: Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 0.2 percent.

This leaves 40 percent of people in our country who are not solely white. We need a president that can connect to all people. It’s true that before President Barack Obama, every president was white.

However, most presidents in modern times have done their best to appeal to all people. They understood the necessity of seeing everyone as equals (as is constitutionally regulated). The policies they write up and vote on must reflect that understanding.

Donald Trump however, seems to appeal to an extremely targeted group of white Americans. Take a look at the following video on Twitter. It was posted by Dr. Kelly Sennholz. She is retweeting RSBN TV’s post with a video taken at a Trump rally:

The rally was held in Wisconsin. The video shows a relentlessly white crowd all waiting for Trump to take the stage. It’s hard to find a black, brown, or beige face anywhere.

Wisconsin is made up of nearly six million people. Approximately one million of them are minorities. You’d think even a few of them would come out to support their favorite billionaire. Right?

I guess there weren’t any who felt it was worth their time. I can’t blame them.

Feature image Forsaken via Flickr/CC-BY-2.0


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