Trump Says Debate Prep Is For Chumps – Who’s The Chump Now? (VIDEO)

Sunday, October 9 is the next debate between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. This is a critical event for Trump to say the least, but debate prep seems low on his priority list.

Yet everything he’s said before or since the first debate indicates Trump thinks debate prep is for chumps. He even criticized Clinton for it in the first head to head.

Coming to America

Just days after their first debate, Trump spent much time on his beloved Twitter account berating Alicia Machado. Machado was Miss Universe in 1996. It was also the first year Donald Trump owned the Miss Universe pageant.

Machado has become a thorn in Trump’s side in recent days because Hillary Clinton called him out for “fat-shaming” her during her year as Miss Universe. She had gained between 30 and 40 pounds during her reign.

He complained publicly about her weight gain, and called her names.

It was a calculated moved on Clinton’s part. She mentioned Machado in the last few minutes of the debate with no real segue into it. It was meant to highlight Trump’s sexist attitude and bait him into an angry, inflammatory response. It worked.

Town Hall Tension

In fact, many of Clinton’s zingers did precisely what they were meant to. To trigger Trump’s anger, delicate self-image and tendency toward paranoid and it worked.

To a rational mind, this is an obvious disqualification for the presidency. It seems debate prep and becoming a full-fledged politician (as well as a grown up) is just too tedious for Trump.

No matter how hard they’ve tried to spin it, Trump’s people haven’t been able to get the stench of loss off him after the debate. Although now, it looks like Trump has found a debate coach in the likes of Governor Chris Christie (R-N.J.).

Christie is something of a veteran as far as town hall debates go. He’s held literally hundreds of town hall meetings mostly around New Jersey, all of which have helped catapult him to a national stage.

Trump sat with Christie and Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus on Sunday to talk strategy. Apparently it was an “intense” discussion over lunch.

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani says that’s the way Trump prefers preparing; with friends and staff members. How nice.

That’s All Folks

With just over a month to go before we vote for our next president, I’m surprised so many people are hoping for more from Trump. Stop holding your breath. He’s shown us who he is and there’s not much there.

Trump’s so called “unpredictability” is also getting old. He’s become predictable in so much as there’s not much to him. He’s secretive to no discernible end. His arguments are projections of whatever is thrown at him. Yawn.

Trump’s advisers can try to run him through mock debates and rapid-fire exercises in preparation for the next debate, but where will it get them?

Donald Trump has shown all of us he’s unwilling to learn the job and become a politician. Apparently his desire to run for the highest office stems from his selfish need to prove a point and not from a call to public service.

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