Florida High School Students Appear On Campus Dressed Like The Klan

High school students, at times, do some really stupid things. Normally, these shenanigans are trivial. Rarely do they threaten to exacerbate race-relations.

Three students at Wiregrass Ranch High School decided Halloween was to come early this year when they arrived at school dressed as “ghosts” for a dress-up day, though their costumes bore an uncanny resemblance to those worn by racist white people who lynched black people and burned crosses.

The three students, who have not been identified publicly due to the fact they are minors, are currently facing disciplinary action “in accordance with [the school’s] code of conduct.” According to the New York Daily News, officials have pointed out, however, that two of the students are Hispanic and the other is of Middle Eastern descent.

Interestingly, another student arrived at school that day donning a Confederate-flag cape. While he was told by school staff to remove the cape, no further action has been taken against that student, providing an interesting juxtaposition to the three students who showed up looking like White Knights.

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The conduct of these students falls under “harassment” based on race. The students could be suspended off-campus for anywhere from one to 10 days.

While this incident is not part of some elaborate plan by a cabal of racist high school students to inflame racial tensions, the community has noticed that things have been tense lately. According to parent Dee Green, Wiregrass Ranch High School football players kneeled during the National Anthem at a recent game, causing anxiety within the community. Given the divisiveness and the emotion that this act of protest has manifested in recent weeks, it isn’t surprising that the local community would be vigilant when faced with three high school students dressed as Klan members on campus in the immediate aftermath.

Photos of the three hooded high school students were shared on social media, prompting notable backlash and disgust, particularly from Dee Green, who said on Facebook:

“RACISM IS EVERYWHERE and some of these jackasses in my local community ARE teaching it to their children. That is inciting violence and bullying (a crime in some states) but if someone punches their little racist asses in the face then the school will try to file charges and suspend the offended party; while making minimal effort to stop the racist bigotry that started the mess.”

Whether or not these students were merely playing a joke or were trying to be “ghosts” or whatever, it is apparent that they live in a community where tensions are high and, if Dee Green’s assessment is fully accurate, indoctrinating children into carrying on the white power traditions of their parents and grandparents is part of growing up.

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