REPORT: Public Records Reveal ‘Job Creator’ Trump Failed At Keeping Casino Workers Employed

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and self professed job creator, has boasted he’s hired tens of thousands of people. Well, that may be true to an extent, but don’t believe the hype. Trump’s casinos were worse than his competitors at employing people.

Trump claims at least in part, he’d be a great president because he knows how to create jobs.

He’s known for his real estate development empire in New York. However, you may not know he spent about 25 years owning and often times managing his casinos in Atlantic City. Trump sought to liken the east coast city to that of Las Vegas, and compete with Vegas as America’s gambling capital.

Trump job creator at casinos
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Trump insists that experiences like these make him uniquely qualified for the presidency. He also claims he would create 25 million jobs over the next ten years, but as often happens with candidate Trump, he offered few details on how he would achieve that goal.

With this in his mind, Trump believes he can speak for America’s working class. For some reason, many hard-working Americans believe he speaks for them too.

During the Republican primary debate Trump stated:

“I’ve created tens of thousands of jobs and a great company. I’m the only one on the stage that’s hired people.”

Trump’s business background and financial success are the top reasons voters say they are supporting him. It’s difficult to understand the “kinship” so many are finding with candidate Trump.

His supporters do not have his life. Not even close. As well, it’s safe to say Trump has never been stuck eating Ramen noodles for dinner.

A study of Trump’s record in Atlantic City shows that his casinos lost jobs at a faster rate than their rivals, while Trump profited.

Research conducted by Temple University law professor Jonathan Lipson ranked the Trump casinos as “the worst” among their equals when it came to jobs over a 14-year period. Lipson, a bankruptcy scholar, found that Trump casinos lost approximately 7,400 jobs.

Touting himself as a “change agent” just doesn’t measure up for Trump as we learn more and more about his business dealings. In fact, Trump seems to represent the fearful masses who feel violence and job loss are always right around the corner.

Blaming other people for his failings is nothing really new to Trump:


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