Michelle Obama Just Got The ULTIMATE Revenge On Critics Of Healthy Eating (VIDEO)

After hatching a plan at her kitchen table with the family chef, Sam Kass, and working for years on the White House Garden, Michelle Obama has made sure to keep that garden blooming long after she is gone.

The Burpee Foundation and the W. Atlee Burpee home gardening company have contributed $2.5 million to the National Park Foundation to keep the White House garden productive and healthy for at least the next seventeen years. Also, the FLOTUS has added wood, stone, and steel features that promote long lasting durability.

When the First Lady and her family chef first hatched the idea, she wasn’t entirely sure that it would turn out the way that they hoped. At the dedication ceremony on Wednesday Michelle Obama commented on that fear by saying:

“I had plenty of doubts of my own. What if we just got a few sad little tomatoes and a bunch of weeds?”

But her worries didn’t come to fruition and by 2009 the garden had grown to 2800 square feet, nearly three times the original size. Items from the garden were served at State Dinners and transferred to local soup kitchens to support the community.

Mrs. Obama not only helped White House chefs and National Park groundskeepers maintain the garden but she added a compost system, beehives, and a pollinator garden to attract birds and butterflies. This garden was not only famous for the local community but Michelle Obama explains that it became known to some of the highest dignitaries in the world.

“My husband will tell you that one of the most frequent questions he gets from world leaders is, ‘How’s your wife’s garden? And over the years this little garden has inspired countless folks across this country to plant gardens of their own.”

The First Lady’s garden was a critical part of her push for healthier lifestyles for American citizens and their children when she began her initiative, “Let’s Move,” in 2010. The program has become instrumental in the way our kids and eating, both at school and when they come home for dinner.

When Bill Clinton gets back to the White House and decides he wants to test out his green thumb, Michelle Obama’s legacy will be waiting beautifully on the White House South Lawn.

Listen to Michelle Obama’s emotional dedication speech from the White House Kitchen Garden.

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