WATCH: Bill Clinton Rally Interrupted By Protester Shouting ‘Bill Clinton Is A Rapist’

Another rabid anti-Clinton activist infiltrated a rally in Canton, Ohio on Tuesday. This time, the attack was not on presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, but on her husband, former President Bill Clinton.


We have to keep reminding these nutjobs that Bill Clinton is NOT running for president. But that’s not the point. The point is that it’s simply not true. Cheater though he may be, Bill Clinton is not a rapist, even though rabid right wing nutjob Alex Jones touted all the people who have accused him of being one.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, however, is dealing with a number of lawsuits and accusations accusing him of rape.

So I guess these stupid activists only care about rape if it”s a Democrat supposedly doing the raping.

Featured image via YouTube screengrab

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