WATCH: Even CNN’s Trump Supporters Are Unable To Defend His Sexist Comments

How bad have things gotten for Donald Trump since his comments of how he treats women were revealed on Friday? So bad that even some of his most ardent defenders are abandoning him and refusing to excuse what he told a reporter from Access Hollywood.

Last night on CNN, Former Ted Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter said Trump’s comments about how he likes to “grab (women) by the pussy” is not only a problem for the GOP nominee, but also the entire Republican Party:

“This is bigger than Trump. This is about the Republican — and if there is any elected — party. A Republican official, who doesn’t know what to say, they should call up a rape survivor tonight and ask them what they heard when they heard Donald Trump say these words? This isn’t as Reince Priebus said talking about something that Trump describes women this way. Trump is saying this is something that he did. This isn’t harassment. It is not locker room talk. He is talking about sexual assault. There is no other way to frame this.”

Carpenter then added she is hopeful the GOP will not become the party of Trump or attempt to excuse the comments:

“And right now this election is going to be about how the Republican party treats women. And right now seeing the statements come out from other Republicans trying to dismiss this or go past it? I don’t know what that answer is. I want to be in this party. But if they will not respect women and recognize that Donald Trump is boasting about sexual assault, we women cannot stand by this.

The always clueless Scottie Nell Hughes tried to claim that what Trump said is not nearly as bad as the policies of Hillary Clinton over the years, but she was completely shut down by fellow Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany, who urged Trump to “humble himself” before the entire American electorate.

Here’s the video of the segment:

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab