BREAKING: Texas Nutjob Governor CONDEMNS Trump, ‘Consequences Will Be Dire’ (VIDEO)

To say that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is in trouble would be the understatement of the day. But when even Texas Governor Greg Abbott condemns him, it could be final proof that the Trump campaign is all but dead in the water.

Abbott tweeted last night that Trump’s widely reported obscene comments were:

“An insult to all women & contrary to GOP values.”

The words are more or less identical to statements made by a whole platoon of GOP leaders in the past 24 hours. So what makes this one different?

You might have expected Abbott to stick with the big guy all the way to the end. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Texas Tribune reported him denying suggestions that his support was lukewarm, saying:

“Trump is stepping up and doing what Texans are asking for, and that is securing the border. I think Trump understands the necessity and the ways that we can reduce regulations.” 

Like Trump, he also has a fondness for using a lot of convoluted words to end up saying nothing understandable. The same Texas Tribune article quotes him telling a puzzled group of Chamber of Commerce members:

“Aside from all of the optics that are going on out there, policy-wise, there is a huge contrast that will set America on a complete polar opposite direction depending on the outcome of this election.”

He is also one of the most rabid upholders of the most extreme Republican values.

Last week he officially pulled Texas out of the federal refugee resettlement program, either in defiance or ignorance of the fact that such a decision can only be made at federal level.

Even more recently, the Texas Alliance For Life, an anti-abortion group, honored Abbott for his initiative to make abortion a state felony.

More than that, as well as similar views, Abbott and Trump share an interesting history.

In 2009, when Abbott was the state’s Attorney General, he launched an investigation into the notorious Trump University scheme, which has since been exposed as a scam. He said at the time that he suspected:

“Possibly deceptive trade practices.”

It’s conceivable that confidential meetings then took place behind closed doors. The following year, Trump University agreed to quietly close the Texas operation, and Abbott duly dropped the $5.4 million case -despite angry protests from his team.

Three years later Trump – who has always loudly advocated doing favors for friends – showed his generosity with a $35,000 donation to Abbott’s successful campaign to be the state’s governor.

So when even a politician whose alliance had been bought and paid for turns against him, it’s surely the death of Donald’s aspirations.

Let’s look back on an interview with Abbott in calmer days, when he said he expected Trump to win easily.

Featured image: DonkeyHotey via Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License