GOP Strategist: ‘Hillary Rodham Clinton Will Be The 45th President Of The United States’ (VIDEO)

Republican Steve Schmidt delivered a devastating message for his own party when he declared that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has effectively lost the 2016 election, and that his rival, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will inevitably become the next President of the United States.

On NBC’s Meet The Press today, Schmidt summed up the catastrophic effect of the lewd Trump video that has rocked his campaign.

As seen in the video below, Schmidt said:

“The presidential race is effectively over. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be the 45th president of the United States. Chuck Schumer will be the majority leader of the United States Senate and the only question that’s still up in the air is how close the Democrats will come to retaking the House majority.”

Schmidt, you may recall, is the former advisor to Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) adviser who unleashed half-term ex-Alaskan governor Sarah Palin on America. But he has spent the following years repenting and reflecting.

Schmidt is uniquely qualified to discuss the presidential candidacy of Republican Trump and what that means for the GOP.

That also makes Schmidt’s subsequent comments about the Republican Party and its embrace of Trump all the more significant:

“What this exposes, though, is much deeper. It goes to the Republican Party as an institution. This candidacy, the magnitude of its disgrace to the country is almost impossible, I think, to articulate. But it has exposed the intellectual rot in the Republican Party. It has exposed at a massive level the hypocrisy, the modern-day money changers in the temple, like Jerry Falwell, Jr.

And so this party, to go forward and to represent a conservative vision for America, has great soul searching to do. And what we’ve seen, and the danger for all these candidates is over the course of the last year, these candidates who have repeatedly put their party ahead of their country, denying what is so obviously clear to anybody who’s watching, about his complete and total manifest unfitness for this office.”

Watch these memorable comments below from the October 9, 2016 Meet The Press, via Twitter.

Watch Chuck Todd’s full interview with Steve Schmidt from this morning’s edition of Meet the Press:

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