Robert DeNiro Comes Out Swinging With This VIRAL Message For Trump (VIDEO)

Hollywood actor Robert DeNiro is the latest celebrity to leash out at Republican candidate Donald Trump. In a video that aired Friday October 7 on Megyn Kelly’s “The Kelly File,” DeNiro goes on a long rant to tell the viewers everything that’s wrong with Trump, and the list is long.

The video was produced by Anonymous Content, as part of a series of short interviews for a voter initiative called #VoteYourFuture.

The director of DeNiro’s video, Tom McCarthy, asked him, “What do you care about?” The answers were so aggravated that they could not be part of the campaign, which is non-partisan. Instead, it was given to Kelly’s show and also released to the media on Friday.

So, let’s have a look at a few of the characteristics DeNiro attributes to Trump:

“He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con, a bullshit artist, a mutt, who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, doesn’t do his homework, doesn’t care.”

The compilation footage with clips of DeNiro’s passionate thoughts on Trump continues for about a minute. At one point, DeNiro is so upset he can hardly contain himself:

“It makes me so angry that this country has gotten to this point that this fool, this bozo, has wound up where he has. He talks [about] how likes to punch people in the face? Well, I’d like to punch him in the face.”

But it ends with a sober and sincere plea to do the right thing:

“This is somebody that we want for president? I don’t think so! What I care about is the direction for this country, and what I’m very, very worried about, is that it might go in the wrong direction with someone like Donald Trump. If you care about your future, vote for it.”

Kelly discusses DeNiro’s message afterwards with political adviser Mark McKinney, and wonders what effect the words of this beloved actor may have on voters. McKinney praises the authenticity, and points out how it appeals to voters in a better way than scripted advertising:

“Anything that communicates something that’s authenticity and heartfelt and passionate, is good.”

McKinney actually draws a parallel to the Trump phenomena:

“It’s sort of Trump-like in the way it’s unvarnished and peel the paint of, but that’s the kind of thing that voters actually want to see.”

Kelly points out that Trump’s fan base won’t care, and accurately predicts mean tweets in response to the footage.

But what about the people in the middle, the undecided? McKinney thinks the footage primarily will function as a vehicle to unite and strengthen the Democrats:

“What people on the left need right now, is to be energized. Hillary Clinton needs to energize that base. She wants to have that turn out up, and so far it hasn’t been particularly enthusiastic.”

Yes. It’s crucial for the Democrats to vote, even those averse to Clinton, because without all Democrats united we will have to face a Trump presidency. To repeat Robert DeNiro’s words:

“If you care about your future, vote for it.”

You can watch the footage and segment of “The Kelly File” here:

Featured image from YouTube video.