No, Trump, ‘Grab Them By The P***y’ Is NOT ‘Locker Room Talk!’ (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Warning: The following piece contains graphic language quoted directly from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. As such, this article may not be suitable for all audiences.

This was quite an eventful week in political news. On Friday, the Washington Post leaked some old hot mic audio from a 2005 Access Hollywood special with Donald Trump and Billy Bush. Trump can be heard talking about kissing and groping women without their permission. He says that he does whatever he wants to women because he is a “star.” And, of course, this includes the now infamous line, “Grab them by the pussy.”

During the debate last night, Trump kept saying it’s just “locker room talk.” The coach for the LA Clippers and former NBA point guard, Doc Rivers, said that if those remarks are “locker room talk,” then:

“… That’s a new locker room for me.”

Many other athletes are tweeting similar sentiments:

The words Trump used and the way he treats women shows just how sexist and misogynistic this nasty Oompa Loompa is.

There are several lawsuits pending from women who say Trump touched them inappropriately. A former employee, Jill Harth, said that Donald Trump tried to grab at her private parts under a tablecloth during a dinner party. She sued Trump for physical and verbal sexual harassment.

Trump is trying to turn people’s attention to other issues, but it’s not going to work:

Featured Image via screenshot from YouTube video

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