Trump Supporter In Buffalo Puts Up Deplorable Display (VIDEO)

It has been reported that a Buffalo, NY supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has hung a noose out the front of his house as a threat. The man also has a sign that says “#Trump Mafia.” This is not the first time that Trump and/or his supporters have made physical threats of violence. A noose is a terrible symbol of racial violence from an embarrassing part of America’s history. In a campaign that can only be described as crazy, Donald Trump has talked of violence many times. It is not surprising that his supporters follow in his footsteps in shocking ways, such as this.

Months ago, Liberal America reported on an official GOP Twitter account that tweeted a shocking meme, also featuring a noose as a warning, along with the slogan “Ready for Hillary.” They apologized, but the damage was done. This kind of threat of violence is unacceptable on so many levels.

When Donald Trump says he wants to make America great again, what does he mean? Does he want America to again hang people because of the color of their skin, or because they disagree with him politically?

His threats to punch people in the face, to put Hillary in jail, to pay for his supporter’s legal bills (if they punch someone in the face), are all so at odds with democracy and decency, that it is astounding that the Republican party has allowed this man to stand. When Trump supporters follow his calls for violence and intolerance, all we end up with is a polarized country. He has made enemies out of neighbors.

Harry S. Truman’s grandson recently said:

Peace is to have some understanding of other people’s pain.”

Well I am going to start right here. Here is my empathy for Trump supporters.

I feel sorry for Americans who think that threatening violence is the way forward.

I feel sorry for people who have so much hate in their heart.

I am saddened that they blame America’s problems on groups of people, based on their skin color.

I feel really sorry for people who are ignorant of history and as a result may be contributing to making the most terrible mistakes of the past again.

I feel sorry for those who are threatening violence, because I think anger is a form of fear and that underneath they are really afraid.

I am sad that they cannot see how they would feel if the shoe was on the other foot.

Finally, I feel very sorry that this country is so divided!

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Watch another man who used a noose as a threat here:

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