Colorado Nazi Students Expelled After Calling For Black And Jewish People’s EXECUTIONS (VIDEO)

At least five students have been expelled from high schools in Boulder, Colorado, over a series of Facebook posts that call for black and Jewish people to be executed.

The posts were made in a Facebook group named 4th Reich Official Group Chat, which has now been taken down from the site. The Boulder Daily Camera reports that posts included hateful messages such as:

“You can hang Jews on trees, shoot them right in the knees. Gas as many as you please.”

Other local reports say the messages also used Nazi-associated terms such as ‘white power’ and ‘the final solution,’ along with cryptic references to the Ku Klux Klan and Ni**er.


Image source: Facebook/Denver 7

The police report claims the group was founded by an unidentified student who called himself The Fuhrer, and who committed suicide on September 21 to demonstrate his allegiance to his self-proclaimed cause.

The incident has caused shockwaves in the students’ home town of Boulder, Colorado, which is normally associated with a progressive, liberal lifestyle and values. Scott Levin, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, told The Guardian:

“It was a shock to the community. It isn’t as if there is any identifiable group [in Boulder] that is advocating this. There’s a lot of hateful rhetoric going on in this country right now, and that has just empowered some teenagers.”

 The Guardian article speculates on the underlying causes of this surprise outbreak of race hate, saying:

“Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has accused GOP nominee Donald Trump of “taking hate mainstream”, and the Republican candidate’s campaign has galvanized far-right groups associated with the Ku Klux Klan and fringe online communities that celebrate “white identity.”

“Some have argued that Trump’s charged rhetoric – with frequent speeches demeaning and stereotyping Mexicans, African Americans, Muslims and other minorities – has fueled a racist backlash and created a platform for alt-right groups and white working-class people in rural America who feel disenfranchised and ignored in mainstream politics.”

The Colorado case, however, suggests that the hateful and violent speech has also made its way into wealthier white urban communities, in this case in an ultra-liberal city known for its ‘hippy culture’ “

While police say they have spoken to the families of all the young people in the group, they have not charged the five who were expelled.

In a development on the case, one of the five has claimed the group was only intended as a joke, and never planned to carry out its threats.

As long ago as 1943, Walt Disney made a film about the dangers of raising children to be Nazis. It makes fascinating viewing – watch it here.