Cost Of Restoring Firebombed GOP Office Is Raised – By DEMOCRATS (VIDEO)

A Democratic party supporter’s gofundme appeal to restore a firebombed Republican campaign office met and exceeded its $10,000 target today in less than 40 minutes.

The supporter wrote in his appeal:

“As Democrats, we are starting this campaign to enable the Orange County, North Carolina Republican office to re-open as soon as possible. 

“Until an investigation is undertaken, we cannot know who did this or why. No matter the result, this is not how Americans resolve their differences. We talk, we argue, sometimes we march, and most of all we vote. We do not resort to violence by individuals or by mobs.

“So, let’s all pitch in , no matter what your party affiliation, and get that office open again quickly.”

It wasn’t long before he had to close the appeal, as it went rocketing past its target. Instead of a requested $10,000, donations reached $13,117 in the space of one hour. The supporter, David Weinberger, went back on gofundme to provide this update:

“Less than 40 mins after going public, we met our goal and then some! Thank you all for showing that Americans are thirsty for civility and decency, and that we love our democracy above all our differences.”

The incident took place overnight on Saturday, when a bottle of flammable liquid was thrown at the office in Hillsborough. It smashed the window, exploded, and the ensuing fire gutted the interior. A threatening, anti-Republican message was spray painted on a wall nearby.

As well as being a welcome, refreshing gesture in this ever more bitter and vicious campaign, the appeal neatly outflanks the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who had raged earlier on Twitter:

Even after the appeal was closed, people went to the gofundme page to express their opinions. Most were positive, such as this one:


“This is incredible! I logged on to donate and it’s already been closed!! I am so proud of my community. SO PROUD. Regardless of who is responsible, we will not stand for this kind of violence and intimidation. Enough. ENOUGH. Despite the forces that attempt to divide us, we must stand united. When they go low, we go high ❤️ So proud to be a tarheel tonight.”

However, there were also criticisms and deplorable comments like this one, which shows a somewhat shaky grasp of politics:

“While you are at it why not get down on your knees and give the nazis a nice blowjob too….gutless democrats giving in again.”

This news video was aired after the bombing but before the appeal was launched. It’s interesting to compare the hysterical reaction from Trump with the level headed response from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Featured image: Screenshot from YouTube video