GOP Fundraiser: Christians Not Voting For Trump Don’t Understand Their Religion (VIDEO)

There’s a good chance you’ve probably never heard of Foster Friess, when you hear what he said Tuesday CNN, you’ll probably want to forget him as quickly as possible.

Friess is a self-proclaimed evangelical Christian fundraiser and donor who always supports the Republicans, even when they manage to nominate a man as immoral and totally degenerate as Donald Trump, who has been accused on several occasions of raping underage girls and threatening them if they ever tell. But Friess told Carol Costello:

“If we don’t forgive (Trump), what value is our Christian faith if we don’t forgive someone who is seeking to move forward?”

Costello then asked Friess about students at ultra conservative Christian Liberty University who wrote a letter to the president of the school, Jerry Falwell, Jr., criticizing Falwell for supporting Donald Trump so vocally. Friess replied:

“I think these are young kids. Wisdom will come to these kids.”

The CNN host reminded her guest:

“These are voters. These are voters.”

Instead of responding, Friess went off on this tangent:

“Right, but I have a friend who’s the sixth of six boys. He’s the youngest of six boys. And he says, ‘Until two of my brothers went off to college I didn’t even know chickens had another part other than a neck. So you have to give these young people a little time to mature in the Christian faith to know about forgiveness.”

Is that right? Well as a Christian, allow me to totally debunk that load of bullshit Foster Friess just dumped on cable news. First of all, forgiveness is one of the very first things any Christian learns about his or her faith. It’s the very essence of the life of Jesus.

Secondly, how hypocritical can one person be when they’re willing to forgive a man like Donald Trump for admitting he likes to sexually abuse women, but not willing to forgive Hillary Clinton for having a private email server? How would Friess like it if Donald Trump had grabbed his daughter by the genitals? Would he be so willing to forgive in that case? I doubt it.

The one thing I cannot abide in any person–but especially in those who profess to be Christians–is hypocrisy. And if not supporting Donald Trump means I don’t understand my religion, then that’s just too damn bad. One thing I’m certain of: If Jesus were alive right now, he wouldn’t be hanging out with people like Donald Trump.

Featured Image Via CNN Screengrab