Julián And Joaquín Castro Don ‘Bad Hombre’ T-Shirts, DEMAND Explanation From FBI Director (VIDEO)

San Antonio Rep. Joaquín Castro has slammed FBI Director James Comey, calling on him to explain why he suggested Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may face fresh investigation over her handling of classified information.

Comey’s suggestion that a fresh batch of Clinton emails had been unearthed in a separate case and may be scrutinized – with no evidence that they contain anything culpable – seemed to have dropped at a crucially important moment, with the election only days away.

How much impact it will have on Clinton’s standing in the polls has yet to be established. Yet it can hardly be helpful, and there is some suspicion that Comey’s move was a deliberately mischievous tactic.

Castro told reporters:

“I think Director Comey showed extremely poor judgment in releasing the letter 11 days before a presidential election and, on top of that, being so vague that it’s allowed Donald Trump to do what Donald Trump does, which is to speculate wildly.”

Castro was speaking on a whistlestop tour of Texas to meet local voters. He was accompanied by his twin brother Julián, secretary of housing and urban development in the Obama administration.

Rep. Castro added:

“It would be a strange thing for this to happen before a city council election, much less a U.S. presidential election …. Director Comey and the FBI need to explain themselves to the American people.”

U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro, left, and U.S. Rep. Joaquín Castro rally at the Travis County Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign Office on Saturday. Image via Austin American Statesman

The mood on the brothers’ get-out-the-vote tour was lightened when Travis County Democrats presented them with a pair of matching T-shirts. Taking a cue from one of Trump’s notorious verbal gaffes, the T-shirts read:

“This “bad hombre” votes.”

Following the same theme, similar “nasty woman” T-shirts were also produced and distributed.

The Castro twins are acknowledged rising stars in the Democratic firmament, thanks to their relaxed, straight-forward style and talent for making rousing speeches. See it at work in this video.

Featured image: Julián Castro/Facebook