Trump Places Ad At Top Of YouTube Pages Citing All His Lunatic ‘Experts’ (VIDEOS)

The General Election is upon us. We stand in lines across the country in order to practice democracy. Every vote cast has been diligently decided over the last year. The candidates using the extensive knowledge of national and international politics, the needs of their fellow countrymen, to make this great country a better place.

Some of the candidates have developed their policies over decades. They learned from their parents, garnering an understanding of their needs and wishes as individuals and workers in America. From there, the candidates have developed their own desires. They worked their butts off to make America a world superpower. Their knowledge, their Sherpa who guide them, being career politicians who put the country first.

Other candidates, well they just relied on nutters. Guess who we’re talking about?

The Weirdest Ad Campaign This Election

Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has wowed the internet by revealing some of his “experts”. YouTube’s homepage has been taken over with videos from Trump’s closest supporters, which he likes to call “experts”.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the term “expert” as:

“having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience”

Now, some of us at Liberal America are qualified experts in our individual fields. One of us in particular is an expert in creating and defining experts through the social sciences. What that particular individual is writing right now, and let me tell you, you’re not gonna love these experts.

Ivanka Trump

First up is the first daughter of the GOP candidate. She is in the real estate game, so you know you can trust her. She outsources may of her manufacturing needs to sweatshops. Her father also told the general public that it was okay to call Ivanka a piece of ass.

Willie Robertson

I didn’t know who this guy was either, but evidently he has a show called Duck Dynasty. It is a reality show about a Louisiana family who hunt ducks. Yeah, so… you… I mean. There are no words. Maybe he’s advising Trump on how to hunt ducks? Either way, he truly believes that whomever you are, Donald Trump will have your back (unless you’re Islamic, Mexican, disabled, or a woman – actually, he’ll probably be grabbing you from the back if you’re a woman). Here is Willie Robertson endorsing Trump:

David Clarke

This is the guy who attempted to incite violence through his Twitter feed, despite being a Sheriff. You’re probably wondering what could possibly push a man of the law to make such a drastic statement to his people, effectively destroying his own career. It was Trump. He told the country to riot if Trump doesn’t win. I’m no expert in law and justice, but I am fairly sure that inciting violence is counterproductive to one’s advanced career in policing.

He also allows people to die from neglect in his jail cells, calling it “justice”.

Dana White

This is the guy whose own mother wrote a book about how much she doesn’t like him. He is not a politician. He knows about UFC. In that sense, he is an expert. He is an expert when it comes to UFC, fighting, and all that goes along with that. He supports Donald Trump, which is his right as a free America. We’re just wondering whether Trump even knew that the term “expert” had been used in a slightly misleading way in his ad campaign…?

There is one other man in the campaign, but he is a Navy seal, and I don’t want to be seen as being on par with Trump by insulting a member of the American armed forces. Who could possibly ever want to be seen as being like this man?

I don’t think that Trump quite knows why these people are experts on politics, but then again he is a fan of using words he doesn’t understand!

Featured Image via screenshot from YouTube

Kay Smythe is a freelance writer, social geographer, and senior writer at Anthony Gilardi's HIPPO LIFE. She was first published by Guardian Travel in the mid-2000s, which earned her the editorship at her college newspaper in 2010. From there, Smythe was opinion and news editor with The Tab, whilst maintaining a blog with Huffington Post. Her works featured interviews with Oscar and Emmy nominated actors. In early 2016, Smythe was awarded an O1 VISA. She lives and works in Venice, California, and loves it.