Putin Advisor: ‘Maybe We Helped’ Trump Win Election With WikiLeaks (VIDEO)

Russia is not only celebrating Republican Donald Trump’s election to the presidency but an advisor to Russian president Vladimir Putin has publicly hinted that he helped make it happen.

As Raw Story notes, the Obama administration has accused Russia of interfering with the U.S. presidential campaign by hacking emails from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, then turning them over to WikiLeaks for public release online. Russia has previously denied those allegations. But now that Trump has been elected, it looks like the Kremlin wants to take some credit.

From The Guardian:

“Sergei Markov, a pro-Kremlin political analyst, was jubilant at the result [of the U.S. presidential election].


He denied allegations of Russian interference in the election, but said ‘maybe we helped a bit with WikiLeaks.'”

This blatant message that the U.S. electoral system is now subject to Russian meddling is disturbing enough. But maybe more troubling is how that country is celebrating Trump’s win as its own triumph. Check out what ABC News foreign correspondent Alex Marquardt reported from Russia today:

“If there’s any doubting the mood here, the state Duma, which is the lower House of Parliament, when they heard that Hillary Clinton had conceded, they burst into applause. So it’s clear that many here see this victory for Trump as a victory for Putin.”

For a further peek at the Russian view of Trump’s upcoming presidency, a recent tweet from Marquardt tells you just about everything you need to know.

What’s not known yet is how much, if anything, Trump knew about the Russians’ help.

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Ellen Brodsky is a long time blogger for NewsHounds.us and a contributor to Crooks and Liars. She has also worked as a researcher for Brave New Films' landmark documentary, "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism" and "Iraq for Sale."