4 Ways The Trump-Pence Administration Embraces An Anti-Intellectual Future (VIDEOS)

From awakening the racist segments of rural America, to threatening to undo years of human rights progress, the Trump-Pence Administration signifies a rise in anti-intellectualism. Earning massive support from the so-called, uneducated white demographic, it seems a dire probability that President-elect Trump will lead America into a modern version of the Dark Ages.

While scientists have done numerous studies in support of issues like climate change, Trump opts for the vision of his Republican supporters that deny it, with zero evidence to the contrary.

These four key points show how the Trump-Pence administration stands as an unfortunate blow to all who value science, human rights, and truth.

1. Trump Denies that Human Action Effects Climate Change

All medical procedures, vaccines, and biological advances owe their existence to science. Unlike opinion, folklore, and religion, science is true regardless of who believes in it. Despite overwhelming scientific proof that climate change is happening as a result of human actions, Trump outright denies it, refusing evidence from NASA and around the world.

Note that it’s not one or two scientists who support the idea that humans affect climate change, but 97 percent of them. There is no debate. This is arguably the most dangerous way that Trump embodies anti-intellectualism.

2. Pence Denies that Cigarettes Cause Cancer

The worst type of corruption is the kind that aggressively spreads lies that affect public health.

Throughout his term as governor of Indiana, Mike Pence has become known as a tobacco truther, accepting at least $100,000 in payment from the tobacco administration to spread views that support them.

Not only does Pence’s support of tobacco fly in the face of decades of evidence, but it’s an insult to all who have lost relatives to COPD, lung cancer, and other tobacco related diseases.

3. Republicans Want Abortion out of Women’s Control

Why would rich, white men think they know what is best for women to do with their bodies? The only plausible answer derives from religious, conservative viewpoints, views that have been attempting to keep women in check for centuries.

As the most vile example of sexism brought about by the Trump administration, he’s expressed support for antiquated, right-wing views on abortion.

The ancient idea that women somehow need to be guided by men is distinctly conservative, and a direct assault on intellectualism.

4. Trump Wants to Ban Citizens Based on Race

Tension directed towards immigrants isn’t a new concept in America, and unfortunately, neither is segregation based on race. As reflected by the open-mindedness of millennial voters, enormous progress has been made towards equality. Trump’s racist rhetoric, which includes policies that could break up Mexican-American families and ban innocent Muslims from entering the country, is based on fear, ignorance, and white elitist views.

For white conservatives who read this, ask yourselves if you’re likely to commit atrocities like Timothy McVey or Dylan Roof, both white terrorists. The average Muslim is no more likely to commit a terrorist act than the average white person, but Trump’s fear-mongering has ignited racial tensions to an all-time high.

Keep Progress Alive

Trump may speak directly against the findings of scientists on important issues, but if he had a serious medical condition, there’s no doubt he would go to doctors who’ve based their lives on facts, research, and science.

It would be the fruits of intellect that save his life, not the donations of evangelical leaders, or the guidance of greedy conservatives. Regardless of who holds power in this country, intellectualism is the driving force behind human progress, and real facts, research, and science must continue to prevail.

Check out this video for more information about Pence’s flip on his climate change views:


And this video of Pence arguing that evolution isn’t real:

Watch Trump say women must be punished for having an abortion – even if the pregnancy would kill her:


Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video