ISIS And Al Qaeda Are DELIGHTED By Trump’s Victory (VIDEO)

There are many ironies surrounding the ludicrous 2016 election of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Not least of them is the fact that Islamic terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda – the groups who have drawn some of his most furious bile throughout his campaign – have pronounced themselves delighted by Trump’s victory.

The SITE Intelligence Group, which has monitored global terrorism for almost two decades, quotes a tweet from one pro-Al Qaeda group which said:

“On 9-11 US struck w disaster at the hands of AQ. On 11-9, US struck with disaster at the hands of their own voters.”

SITE founder Rita Katz has used her own Twitter account to post a series of messages and memes that reflect the terrorists’ glee, and aggressively challenge Trump to fulfill the promise he made last year to “bomb the shit out of them.”

The tweets refer to the Mujahideen, which is the collective term for groups involved in Muslim jihad, or holy war.

Katz also claims the terrorists applauded Trump’s defeat of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton because it highlights the deep anti-Muslim feelings that exist in the USA. As anyone (with the possible exception of Trump) can see, this can only help to create polarity and provoke hatred. These are ideal conditions for war.

In a more recent tweet, Katz reports on the latest publication of Rumiyah, a magazine produced by ISIS. On one especially blood curdling page, Rumiyah praises the terrorist atrocity in Nice, France, and urges further attacks on high profile events such as Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York.

Watch this video of Trump at his most venomous, as his threats unwittingly help the very cause he wants to defeat.

Featured image: Rita Katz/Twitter