Popular Right Wing Site: Trump Is ‘Petty, Vindictive Thin-Skinned Man,’ Base A ‘Cult’ (TWEETS)

RedState, a highly popular right-wing website, is also going for the jugular after this weeks’ General Election. In an opinion-style piece by journalist Susan Wright, she airs her grievances against the new President-Elect Donald Trump. Her style? Well…

“This is what I expected, and anyone who paid attention to Trump’s nasty, spiteful rhetoric through the primaries should have expected it, as well.”

Republican Concerns

Wright begins her piece by arguing that Trump saves most of her criticisms for other Republicans, ignoring his should-be opponents, the Democrats. It is this initial stance that introduces the running theme of Trump as a king-dictator. In a somewhat Shakespearean expose, Wright pulls no punches:

“Donald Trump is a petty, vindictive, thin-skinned man, and he surrounds himself with the same kind of disreputable characters.”

She then goes on to warn those who stood by Trump’s side during the primary debates. According to Wright, these are Trump’s “conquered foes,” and should expected to be treated as such.

Already Seeking To Punish Fellow Republicans

Those who opposed the President-Elect throughout his campaign are already facing backlash from the Trump family, and those on his team. These individuals are apparently already discussing ways to punish Republicans who were hostile toward Trump.

Some of the ideas include blocking people from administration or transition posts, or lucrative consulting work. This is according to a handful of people involved in these conversations, whom Wright does not name.

It doesn’t stop there. Even those who were seen to be “insufficiently supportive” of Trump, are already being rejected. For these insufficiently supportive folks, the punishments include lack of job support, lobbying leads, and Inauguration tickets.

Trump World

According to one operative within Trump’s campaign, this is the general mood of the team:

“My phone is ringing off the hook with people who were on the outs asking how they can get into Trump world… I’m telling them there is no f—ing way they’re getting inside.”

Wright thinks that everyone should have expected this sort of behavior. Even though some of those reaching out are essentially metaphorically holding back their feelings of Trump in favor of their careers, they should not expect any sort of respect.

The writer even eludes to Trump renaming the United States of America, Trump World.

So, who should be fearing the wrath of Trump World the most?

Paul Ryan In The Headlights

According to Breitbart News, which was co-founded by potential future White House Chief of Staff, Steven Bannon, House Speaker Paul Ryan is screwed.

The Trump team are intending to continue their crusade against the Paul Ryan. Despite Trump and Ryan attempting to unite post-election, it’s still not good enough.

Their long-term feud has featured heavily in Trump’s social media posts:

As a result, Wright believes that no one is safe. Even those who hiccuped a bad word against the President-Elect is in danger of losing their career, and lord knows what else. Luckily, this means he probably won’t get anything done.

No Idea What He’s Doing

Wright’s saving grace is that she believes that Trump still has no idea what he’s doing. He will have to depend on his team to get anything done, and if he continues to ostracize his own party, he’ll never achieve a thing in office.

I think all Democrats are hoping for the latter. Maybe this is a Bye-Bye to the Republican Party? Even Trump thinks that the Democrats are far more loyal than the Republican Party.

The feud continues:

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