FEAR MOUNTS: Trump Will Immediately Deport/Jail Three Million Immigrants (VIDEO)

One of the most upsetting parts of these past few post election days has been the uncertainty about what is going to happen.

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest the President-elect’s plans. He has promised to deport millions of immigrants, but the Speaker of the House, Republican Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, has denied that there are any plans for a deportation force.

So will we be deporting millions of our neighbors, friends and coworkers, or won’t we?

Donald Trump himself, ever out of touch with both his party and with reality, told 60 Minutes that he intends to “immediately” deport up to three million undocumented immigrants. He claims that these people are criminals, gang members and other bad hombres. He said:

“What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, where a lot of these people, probably two million, it could be even three million, we are getting them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate.”

Once all those bad guys are miraculously identified, rounded up and quickly deported or “incarcerated,” the Trump administration will turn its attention to the rest of the undocumented immigrants. The President-elect, in what he no doubt thought was a gracious comment, sweepingly stated  that the remaining eight million were “terrific people.”

So terrific that he is going to focus his energy on getting them out of here. Or perhaps not getting them out of here.

Trump said:

“After the border is secure and after everything is normalized, we’re going to make a determination on the people that you’re talking about who are terrific people, they’re terrific people but we are gonna make a determination at that.”

What all of this really means is anyone’s guess. Trump says there will indeed be a brick and mortar wall on the border, but Newt Gingrich says its only a “metaphor.”

Trump promised to deport all undocumented immigrants, then claims that he’s only going after the criminals. How he’ll determine which are criminals without holding 11 millions trials is open to question.

And what he intends to do with the remaining undocumented people living in the U.S. he hasn’t explained.

So when people are marching in the streets to express their confusion, discomfort and fear, its no surprise. The uncertainty caused by this election is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

No one knows what the President intends to do, and he is clearly incapable of explaining it to us.

Featured image via YouTube Screengrab.

Karen is a retired elementary school teacher with many years of progressive activism behind her. She is the proud mother of three young adults who were all arrested with Occupy Wall Street. To see what she writes about in her spare time, check out her blog at "Empty Nest, Full Life"